Ligi Ndogo  employs the most experienced, dynamic and diverse coaching  and management staff of any football school in Kenya.

Our policy is to deliver the most fun,provide professional and updated football teachings in all our categories. Our coaches are selected,above all,in their ability to work with small children.A Ligi Ndogo coach is required to inspire , motivate and encourage all children in all categories.

In order to be a part of the Ligi Ndogo team our coaches have undergone a rigorous recruitment process including on-field coaching assessments and in-depth off field interviews.The coaches undergo refresher courses before the start of each season**

Ligi Ndogo coaches are paid semi-professionals.Apart from coaching they take keen note of a player’s conduct and progress. Our coaches use an evaluation system which constantly monitors player ability,development,progress and projections.

The coaches give a full report at the end of each season as per the curriculum.

Physical fitness and basic football technique is given priority during the training sessions to enable an enjoyable,injury free and curriculum oriented learning for the player. It is a Ligi Ndogo policy that the coaches give equal playing time to all the players in the team for the duration of the season. This enhances team spirit and also has the added advantage of boosting the confidence of players who might have felt that they are not up to par.

Our staff  currently is constituted of various nationals:England,Kenya,Democratic Republic of Congo,Nigeria and Uganda.All come with a variety of specialized qualifications, backgrounds and have at least 2 years coaching experience.

Our program employs both male and female coaching staff who remain subject to constant invigilation, development and evaluation during their time at Ligi Ndogo.

**Season-The full cycle of a Ligi Ndogo term,normally 12 weeks or three months.

If we concentrated less on results at an early age, and more on technical development, and this idea of kids falling in love with the game, they would be much better off …

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