• Each individual athlete should make sure they have no symptoms; we have temperature checks at the entry point.
  • We have set handwashing & hand sanitizer points for user Before AND After practice or competition.
  • All the playing equipment is sanitized Before AND After practice or competition.
  • Do NOT share water bottles, equipment, towels, etc.
  • Maintain physical distance between teammates, coaches and other players by allowing a certain number of players per practice.
  • Avoid crowding by only entering the playing area during your sessions.
  • Masks MUST be worn in public, outside of sport, as directed by the authorities and what is currently recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  • Coaches, referees, umpires, staff and spectators MUST wear masks or face protection where necessary.

Younger children and developmental stages are difficult due to the requirement for physical distancing. We have increased coaches and reduced on the numbers in order to help maintain physical distancing requirements.

We do not have travelling plans outside our local area for the time being. All travel is considered as to and from Ligi Ndogo. Please note that all our regulations take effect as soon as you enter Ligi Ndogo or the player is handed over to a Ligi Ndogo coach/official.

Group practices, competitions and gatherings will be directed by the government/ministry of health. Once these can resume, we recommend limiting exposure as much as possible. This includes only going to practice or competition when necessary as allowed by the government directive. If you do attend a Ligi Ndogo practice or competition, we always recommend wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing measures and having hand sanitizer available for personal use.

We do recommend that coaches, staff and spectators/parents wear masks or face protection when outside the designated playing area.

At each program there is a qualified medic and physio on site at all times. The medical information that you provide about your child during the registration process will be kept on hand and referred to if necessary.


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