Ligi Ndogo is an exciting learning experience. It runs parallel to an academic program but with a soccer curriculum.The program accommodates children aged 4-23 years.More than 12 000 kids have undergone the Ligi Ndogo program in different centers between 2002 & 2020.

We develop,control and oversee programs that foster children’s social physical, character, leadership and independent thinking.We integrate life skills and enjoyment in team sports.We also strive to deepen children’s commitment to pro social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility and respect for others.We impart qualities that we believe are essential to leading a complete and productive life in future.

We don’t guarantee a smooth path to the pros.The main focus on every Ligi Ndogo season is that all children will be given an insight into how to strive and achieve success regardless of ability. Ligi Ndogo S.C. programs are designed to help members maximize their output; our aim is that each child will leave the course knowing how to become a better player.

You can become a member by visiting our office on Ngong’ Rd and filling in a registration form that includes details of contact,parents and insurance among other things.The same details are also provided for on an automated online form and a downloadable version.

All coaches are  qualified and have completed a Seasonal Football Coaching Course held by the Technical Director.After every practice session,all coaches get together to evaluate pointers which are used,improved on or eliminated during the next session. We are also committed to the safety and welfare of all children attending our programs and has a Child Protection Policy and comprehensive training in place.

You are now on a journey towards a fun filled path to a football career.We will monitor your career and give you seasonal feedback on improvement and evaluation.

It is our aim for every child to gain success at their individual level and develop new skills on our seasonal program. Our coaching team is specifically trained to train the young players to become the best players they can be.

At each program there is a qualified medic and physio on site at all times. The medical information that you provide about your child during the registration process will be kept on hand and referred to if necessary.

Yes,Ligi Ndogo offers a need based program open to players who have excelled in various aspects.These players have been scouted and fit the *Planet category based on subjective and objective assessments in innate capacities.

Older players who excel are sponsored within the Ligi Ndogo Senior team program.

You can support the Planet program by donating any amount through this link:


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