Ligi Ndogo is designed as a soccer league with regular matches and training sessions to build a closer understanding between the instructor and the child resulting in the child learning more than just sporting skills. Aspects such as

discipline, team spirit, leadership and responsibility are incorporated resulting in a well-horned individual at the end of the day.

Our program is divided into three seasons each calendar year (JAN-APR), (MAY-AUG), (SEP-DEC).

A typical Ligi Ndogo season lasts 10-12 weeks. The inaugural season commenced

February 2002 (season1). We are currently in season 54. Upon registration

players are placed in teams which are categorized basing on age.

Atoms (4-6 years), Juniors (7-9 years), Lower Mids (10-12), Upper Mids (13-14 years) U17 years,U20 and a Senior team. These categories are further divided into teams which

train once a week either Friday or Thursdays (4:30p.m-6:20p.m) and play their

league matches every Saturday.