Have Fun!

Develop Fundamentals

Be Fair

Play Smart

Live with the Outcome

Ligi Ndogo is proud to put forward our Club PhilosophyMission, the Ligi Ndogo way (core values) and rules that make you a member of an exclusive club.  We are proud to share Ligi’s Vision: Raise superstars and realize the untapped potential that Kenya possesses!

Ligi Ndogo is an exciting learning experience. It runs parallel to an academic program; the curriculum is designed to develop, nurture and expose children’s soccer skills at an early age. From a four year old who requires motor balance to a senior who receives guidance and co-operation in team play, Ligi offers them a quality program which uses soccer to empower them to also impact positively in any social setup they engage. Ligi Ndogo has rapidly become synonymous with any young aspiring soccer stars in Nairobi and beyond.

30% of the players at Ligi Ndogo in all categories are gifted kids who cannot afford subscription fees. The subscription includes meals, kits and national and international tours.


To provide professional coaching of the highest quality, to develop the Ligi Ndogo philosophy of focusing on player development and team development, provide a safe learning environment for the players, rather than a win at all costs mentally.

We develop control and oversee programs that foster children’s social physical, character, leadership and independent thinking. While integrating life skills and enjoyment in team sports, we also strive to deepen children’s commitment to pro social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility and respect for others, qualities that we believe are essential to leading a complete and productive life in future.

The Ligi Ndogo Way

  • Have Fun!
  • Develop Fundamentals
  • Be Fair
  • Play Smart
  • Live with the Outcome

 For more information Phone: 020 521 34 26; 254 720-681-831 Email: info@ligindogo.com